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When 99.9% Just Isn’t Enough

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Green Earth Electro-BiocideTM is an extremely effective disinfectant that uses a unique electrostatic solution that is almost entirely composed of water and comes into contact with contaminants to disrupt their cell walls. This is called ‘electroporation’ and is the same technique used by various scientific fields to insert tiny doses of chemical agents or DNA into a cell. Instead, we use it for an additional method of action delivering a small dose of chlorine
dioxide into the cell.

Chlorine dioxide is a safe disinfection agent. It is typically used in higher volumes and is commonly used in water treatment due to its biodegradable nature. Not only are we using something environmentally friendly as the active ingredient, but we are also using it in much lower volumes than its typical application. The real breakthrough of Green Earth Electro-BiocideTM is the application method.

By using electroporation, contaminants have no time to adapt and no time to change or adjust. Typical cleaning agents take time to go into effect on microbes properly. In those seconds or minutes, bacteria, viruses, or fungal spores begin to break down in the presence of other cleaning agents. This leaves time for them to reproduce, evolve, and adapt to those harsh chemical cleaners. Not only that, but how long does the active ingredient in an average cleaner remain active? Probably not long enough to get rid of all the contaminants on a given surface.

Green Earth Electro-BiocideTM is rated to fully disinfect a surface in less than 5 minutes, potentially as quickly as 90 seconds.

The Fast-Acting Process

Disinfection has to be a fast-acting process, but it must be thorough to be effective. If you fully disinfect a surface only to leave behind 0.1% of bacteria, for example, that’s 1,000 parts of bacteria per billion. Green Earth Electro-BiocideTM, on the other hand, eliminates 99.9999% of contaminants, a 1 to 1,000 difference. You are reading that correctly, where a typical cleaning agent will leave behind maybe 1,000 PPM of bacteria, viruses, or fungal spores, Green Earth Electro-BiocideTM leaves only 1.

That directly translates to a surface that is not only properly disinfected, but it will also remain cleaner longer and require fewer treatments. How does that work? If you leave 1,000 bacteria, checking back later, you will find 2,000 bacteria very soon, but if you only leave 1 behind, it can only become 2 in that same period. Any ordinary cleaner would need to be reused to disinfect an area, a single quick application of Green Earth Electro-BiocideTM can leave that area completely clean.

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