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The Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

Non-toxic cleaners are a great nod to the planet. But you can take your sustainable cleaning to the next level with eco-friendly cleaning accessories and supplies. Just about every item you use to clean with likely has a swap that’s better for the environment.

Let’s jump in and explore some of the best eco-friendly cleaning supplies currently available

For Your Bathroom

Wooden toilet brush. Rather than pick up another plastic toilet bowl cleaner, opt for an eco-friendly alternative! Once your brush is past its prime, simply throw it in a compost pile. The one we link below even comes with a stand too! 

Buy a Wood Toilet Brush

Bamboo scrub brush. Featuring natural tampico fiber (Ixtle) and a sturdy bamboo base, this scrubber is an excellent aid in bathroom cleanliness. They do a great job scrubbing away the grim in your bathtub, sink, and countertop.

Buy a Bamboo Scrub Brush

Organic cotton cloth wipes. Cleaning mirrors, windows, and even countertops can use up a lot of paper towels. Make the switch to cotton wipes and simply wash to reuse time and time again. 

Buy Multi-Purpose Reusable Organic Cotton Wipes

For Your Kitchen

Swedish dishcloth. Despite the name, these versatile cleaning aids can assist far beyond just dishwashing. You can also use them to clean the counters, soak up a spill, and more! Since they’re made of cellulose and cotton, they’re completely plant-based and biodegradable! 

Buy Reusable Swedish Dishcloth

Dish bar soap. Did you know you could get a solid dish soap to replace your plastic dish soap bottle? It’s a great alternative and some even come with a compostable dish scrubber too! 

Buy Solid Organic Dish Soap Bar

Beeswax wrap. Say goodbye to plastic wrap forever! Beeswax wraps are a great way to put away leftovers, pack lunch, or store away half-used fruits and veggies.

Buy Reusable Food Storage Wraps 

Unpaper towels. How many paper towels do you think you use on a given day? They are an absolutely essential item for quick cleanups around the kitchen. Unpaper makes it possible to buy just one more roll to last you for years to come. 

Buy Unpaper Towels 

For Your Living Room 

Reusable mop pads. If you’re a fan of the Swifter mop or a similar cleaning product, you know how many disposable cleaning pads you have to go through while mopping even just one room. Reusable mop pads are not only a wonderful, sustainable swap but it’s also cost-efficient!  


Buy Reusable Mop Pads 

Washable duster. This is another product you can use again and again. Simply remove the duster from its handle and throw it in the wash. Crafted from organic cotton and viscose bamboo, this eco-friendly alternative is fully biodegradable. 

Buy Washable Bamboo Fleece Duster 

For the Laundry Room

Wool dryer ball. Dryer sheets are a staple in any laundry room. But they can be so wasteful. Swap them out with wool dryer balls instead! You can even use essential oils to add a nice fragrance to your laundry. 

Buy a Wool Dryer Ball 

Plastic-free stain remover. There really is an eco-friendly swap for everything! Skip the plastic stain remover pen and use this sustainable alternative. Made in small batches without harsh chemicals, they are easy on the earth yet tough on stains. 

Buy a Plastic-Free Laundry Stain Remover 

Washing bag. Did you know your clothes can shed microplastic into our waterways when you put them through the wash? A lot of modern clothing is made from synthetic materials. When you wash it, the plastic fibers are flushed away. Wash bags help to capture those fibers so they don’t end up in our water supplies!

Buy a Wash Bag

For Your Pets 

Compostable dog bags. Cleaning up after your furry pal isn’t always a pleasant experience. But you can at least know you’re looking out for our planet when you use compostable poop bags!  

Buy Compostable Dog Bags

Dog soap bar. Did Spot roll around in the mud again? Classic. Give him a bath with an eco-friendly dog shampoo bar! These are an effective, antimicrobial soap perfect for your pup’s sensitive skin! 

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