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Protecting Your Business From COVID-19

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You had big plans for 2020! A new decade, a fresh, clean slate,…. a pandemic? Not quite what you were picturing, right? We get it, and we are right there with you. You may be struggling to grasp this “new normal” and wondering when life will go back to what it was before the quarantine. We understand with current circumstances it’s difficult to predict what tomorrow may bring, let alone the next week or next month. As state orders continue to stretch further into the future, the toll on your business can seem overwhelming at times. Hang in there, We have some good news to share!

As a business, you may have reservations or concerns as to whether your employees have the knowledge to keep your sanitation standard operating procedures at the level necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19. So what can you do to protect your team and the community at large, and ultimately, remain confident that by your business staying open you’re not taking any unnecessary risks?

Many common disinfecting agents, even when used properly, still contain harmful ingredients. During the pandemic, your business will be required to sanitize on a routine basis to prevent becoming a source of infection within the community. Green Earth Electro-Biocide disinfectant is a safe solution for disinfecting your building with peace of mind, while still powerful enough for certified hospital-grade use. It’s not only safe for people but for the environment too! This is our commitment to you.

Standard Operating Procedures and Your Business

Cleanliness is such an important part of daily business operations and we know many companies pride themselves on it being part of their customer wow factor. During the course of normal business operations, you probably had a list of cleaning or sanitation standard operating procedures for your workplace. Now cleaning procedures must be altered to minimize the spread of Coronavirus. This is necessary, not only for you and your staff but also for your valued customers. Every measure and precaution must be taken to ensure your team understands the severity of the situation. Professional sanitation service providers may be the only option available, even if you would rather avoid the potential costs, or believe your team is capable. Sometimes it is better to leave it to the pros. For example, in a recent article released by a renowned business attorney for various industries, Scott Zucker explains businesses linked back to isolated infections may risk having infected employees apply for workers comp claims, while clients may pursue personal injury lawsuits, or worse. Hire a professional service provider to ensure peace of mind by mitigating these risks, This is where Green Earth Commercial Sanitation can help.

Capacity and Your Workplace

What’s with all the lines in front of stores? You may have noticed many businesses have instituted a queue for entry into their store, or are staggering employee workdays to help limit contact. States have limited maximum capacities of buildings anywhere between 20% – 50%, to allow visitors to adhere to social distancing best practices within confined spaces. This may cause you to wonder if your own business could benefit from similar practices? Only you can answer that, but it is critical to properly inform your staff and customers of the risks and expectations for adhering to safe business functions. By instituting social distancing procedures, it is also beneficial to provide your staff with the authority to ensure best practices are being followed with clients while on the company property. Like your momma always said, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Reputation and Recognition

At the end of the day, we know your goal as a business is to keep your staff safe and your customers happy! Your new processes and procedures can help achieve that and ensure your business stays open during these unprecedented times. When your customers see that you care, they’ll appreciate and respect your company for showing concern for their safety. This translates into more loyal and happy customers, and who doesn’t want more of that?

To learn more about sanitation services or disinfectant product information, please contact us at 970-815-1000 or info@greenearthcolorado.com. At Green Earth Commercial Sanitation, we make people a priority!