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Keeping Production in The United States

Factory in the USA

Choosing products produced in the US is like finding a needle in a haystack, fortunately, all of Green Earth’s products are manufactured right here. Our staff is people who might be your neighbors, friends, or family, and every dollar spent on our products is another dollar that remains within the US economy. Why is that so important? Let’s take a second to talk about the economic impact of sending jobs overseas.

When the production of any given good is outsourced to another country, the money spent on those goods might go to a US-based company, but they pay the manufacturer to produce the goods, obviously. Part of the sale price of the product leaves the US economy and finds its way into the economy of which country produced those goods. This in turn means that those US-based companies are passing up the opportunity to pay local workers, open factories here, and thus, are denying people in this country a chance at those jobs.

At Green Earth, we see this as a problem, one that affects our whole country, and one we want to help be a solution. Our goods are produced locally, by people just like you, working for an honest living right here within the US. This allows us in turn to buy local, to put the money we make back into our local economy directly. Every product purchased from Green Earth is another dollar sent right back into the local economy, back into the US economy, rather than being sent overseas. This means more jobs for more people right at home, and that’s a win for everyone.

Another benefit of our local production is that we support local businesses. We do our best to source the supplies we need from local businesses. We not only keep our workforce and our facilities local, that also means it’s in our best interest to further enable other local businesses as well. This has a compounding effect within our communities that creates jobs and enables new businesses to grow from the increase in business in the area as a whole. These things are the cornerstone of a healthy economy, and critical in keeping people happy, healthy, and successful.

Green Earth considers it our privilege to serve the community in this critical way, we make people a priority, and that means making their quality of life a priority. By supporting products made in the US, you’re supporting not only our company but all of the local companies and businesses we support in turn. You’re supporting your local economy and the US as a whole. That’s something we can all take part into better our communities. We also urge you to support other local businesses in any way you can, even if it takes a little extra effort or a little extra money. In the long run, it will be well worth it.

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At Green Earth Commercial Sanitation, we make people a priority!