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What You Can Do Today To Prevent Rising Coronavirus Cases Tomorrow

Person washing their hands

If you feel like you’ve heard a bell go off, that might be because round two has already started in many population centers across the United States. A general air of lax attitudes or frustration with the quarantine has caused a resurgence in the number of confirmed cases striking many towns, cities, and communities over the last few weeks. The Coronavirus didn’t suddenly get more dangerous, what’s happened now is simply that some are no longer taking it as seriously just because a bit of time has passed.

The big issue with the spread of a virus in a case like this is that it’s something we can’t see. It’s never immediately obvious that you’re in an ‘infected’ location, or that our co-workers who may seem perfectly healthy today could call in tomorrow. These uncertain times only become more uncertain when people take it upon themselves to jump right back into their old lives like nothing has happened, as if nothing has changed in the last several months… but that’s just not true. COVID-19 has left a lasting impact on the world, it’s a part of our reality now and instead of getting ‘back to normal’ it’s time to seriously examine what we have to do to live our lives normally while keeping ourselves safe, too.

Staying Socially Distant

Over the last several months, we have heard a lot about ‘social distancing’ or face masks being required by law in many places. These are both great ideas, but no matter how socially distant we stay or how high-quality your face mask is there will always be a need to clean and properly disinfect surfaces in order to curtail the number of Coronavirus cases that pop up. This has had some people furiously rubbing their hands down with an alcohol-based solution, or an enormous amount of disinfectant spray applied to our public spaces, and a massive uptick in cleaning at home.

What you may not realize, is how dangerously toxic many common household cleaning agents really are. It’s one thing to use potent cleaning agents rarely, maybe once a month, for the specific tasks they’re designed for. The Coronavirus pandemic demands the daily use of disinfecting agents, especially in businesses and public spaces at large. Putting two and two together I think everyone can understand why this isn’t healthy for anyone. The massive increase in the use of dangerous cleaning agents is posing an invisible threat the same way people being unable to ‘see’ the virus is. Both are invisible, and just a little application of critical thinking can help you figure out the best ways to deal with both problems.

This is where Green Earth Electro-Biocide disinfectant comes into play; it’s a cleaning agent that works as well, if not better than anything else available on the market right now. Better yet, it’s suitable for daily use. Making your environment not only decontaminated but safer for everyone. Now here comes the critical thinking I mentioned just a minute ago. It’s safer and more effective? Those two things sound like they might not agree with each other when it comes to normal household cleaning agents. Normally when we think about the ‘most effective’ cleaning agents our minds leap to the bottles with the most warning labels on them. Not with Green Earth Electro-Biocide, it has a unique method of action that makes it perfect for disinfecting surfaces without posing a hazard to our health.

Now more than ever, as cases of COVID-19 begin to pop back up it’s important to make sure we stay safe and healthy. A huge part of that is being able to keep our homes, workplaces, and our public spaces clean and safe. Whether you’re a business owner, a worker, or a concerned citizen we’re in this together, and keeping everything disinfected doesn’t mean keeping it full of toxic chemicals. Green Earth Electro-Biocide can be applied the same way as any conventional spray disinfectant, but because it’s radically different in how it works you won’t have to worry about the ramifications of using it every day.

What’s really mind-blowing is that it works better than virtually all of its competition. Boasting a 99.9999% effectiveness rating against every major category of contaminant, not just COVID-19. It’s rated as a broad-spectrum disinfectant, and potent enough to be used in the decontamination of hospitals. That kind of potency and lack of damage to your health is a huge win for everyone and that means even if Joe down the road isn’t taking the Coronavirus as seriously these days, we can still protect ourselves and our communities by making a few small adjustments to our daily lifestyles.

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