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Keeping Educational Institutions Safe and Sanitary

Child in a classroom

Few places see as much traffic as schools do. Preschools and grade schools often see the worst of it, children do as they do, unintentionally being messy even under the best of circumstances.

Colleges are not always thought of as being germ hubs, adults are expected to keep their institutions tidier. The sheer amount of traffic that a busy college campus sees however can often overwhelm even the most prepared sanitation staff.

In high traffic areas such as this, constant use of disinfectants and other sanitation agents are common. Where these chemicals are in high demand and high use, so too is the adverse health risk.

If the redundant and constant use of powerful disinfectants and other cleaning chemicals has adverse health risks, then excessive use in high traffic areas would pose even more of an adverse risk. Add to that the fact that many people exposed will be exposed regularly, constantly, and that many of them are minors? It’s a natural disaster waiting to happen.

Consider the number of staff in any ordinary workplace. For every floor in an office building, you may have a hundred or so people every day. Now contrast that against any school, where each room can have upwards of twenty people, with dozens of rooms on each floor, perhaps even hundreds. The number of people exposed to these chemicals on a daily basis increases geometrically in an educational environment compared to your typical workplace.

With a college it’s bad enough – literally thousands or tens of thousands of students exposed to fumes or other chemical byproducts every day. In an elementary school, the effects are compounded. Kids, being messier, require more cleaning up after. Then consider that they are also touching and handling more surfaces than your average adult would. Further, add the fact that their bodies are young, and still developing, and their responses to harsh chemicals will be significantly worse than those present in adults exposed to the same conditions. It’s a recipe for disaster, but it’s one that hasn’t had a solution. These same issues mean that the spread of bacteria and viruses are more of a problem in the same environment.

So what’s the solution? Just avoid using disinfectants altogether? That would be absurd, of course, you cannot just leave such highly trafficked environments without proper sanitation. The solution then is to find a better, safer alternative to more conventional cleaning agents. Green Earth is proud to provide fast-acting, totally effective, and completely safe sanitation agents.

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