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Household Cleaning Without the Risk

Kids with their pet

When it comes to a household life with kids, pets, or both, it can involve a lot of messes. Rarely an hour goes by where something has not been spilled, knocked over, or otherwise displaced. While you can’t replace your kids or your furry best friend, you can replace the cleaning agents you use for when something goes amiss. A dog isn’t going to know the difference between a harmless bottle of vinegar, and a bottle of something far more dangerous. Even if there is no way for your child to get into the cleaning supplies, simply using harsh chemical cleaners around the house can cause long term health issues.

The very fact that kids and pets can create so many messes can lead to the use of cleaning products on a daily basis. We want our homes to be safe as much as they are clean of course, and a lack of cleanliness around the house can be unhealthy too. Some messes can be cleaned up simply with water, a rag, and a little elbow grease. However, most require thorough disinfection after they happen. Most powerful disinfectants are also incredibly unhealthy, especially if applied too frequently or without proper protection.

When we talk to our children about avoiding the cleaning cabinet and not playing with anything inside, we’re doing so because we know the chemicals in those bottles can be dangerous. So why use them at all? How frequently do we have to use them, before they become overused? When you have to start asking yourself these questions, maybe the question you should ask instead is whether or not you should be using these cleaning agents at all. 

With children, you can at least explain the risks of playing with bottles of cleaning supplies, but pets aren’t as reasonable. A dog might be trainable, but what about small mammals, reptiles, or other animals? When you clean the rooms where their cages and tanks are, they can’t just go into another room on their own for a few minutes. While you can move their enclosures or simply take them elsewhere for a little bit this still begs the question; should you be using cleaning supplies that pose such a risk at all?

The answer is no, probably not

But then another question has to be asked – what should you use instead? Out of over 3000 cleaning agents registered with the EPA, Green Earth Electro-Biocide™ is one of less than a hundred rated as category IV. The comparison often made with this elite group of cleaners is that they are as safe as tap water. This means there is less risk to you, and significantly less risk to everyone in your home, pets and children included. 

One of those precautions we take when cleaning our homes must be to protect everyone we share that home with, especially those who might not fully understand the risks associated with cleaning agents. Why not eliminate that risk completely? The next time you need to pick up a bottle of your favorite disinfectant, consider choosing the safe and effective disinfectant, Green Earth Electro-Biocide™.

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