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Do You Know What You’re Breathing?

Man coughing

These days practically everyone has grown accustomed to wearing some kind of mask when they are out and about. We all have to take care of our lungs, now more than ever. Everyone is aware and is doing their part to try to reduce the risk of breathing in any airborne pathogens that might be floating around in their airspace. 

But while we protect ourselves from pathogens, what else might be clouding up our air? This is an important question we should all ask ourselves. It’s one thing to avoid health risks posed by public transmission of pathogens, but you don’t want to breathe chemicals either, right? There are more things that can pose a risk to the health of your lungs than just COVID-19.

Protecting your lungs is crucial to your overall health. The number of health issues associated with poor lung function is enormous. Everyone needs to breathe. Breathing healthier cleaner air with healthy lung function has countless benefits to your everyday stamina and long-term health. People with healthier lungs can recover from injuries quicker, are harder to fatigue, live longer on average with and have a higher quality of life. Why then would anyone want to risk breathing in noxious fumes from harsh chemical agents on a day to day basis?

The science here is simple. If the cleaner you’re using to melt grime or grease off of the surfaces of your home is hazardous to ingest, then it is probably hazardous to breathe as well. You wouldn’t drink disinfectant, so why would you breathe it? Immediate symptoms of exposure to mild gasses can include lightheadedness, coughing, headaches, fatigue, and drowsiness, yikes! Over time, repeated exposure to these kinds of chemicals can result in damage not only to your lungs, but to your liver, brain, heart, and several other vital organs.

These chronic or long-term health effects can impact you for the rest of your life. What’s worse is that it is often minor exposure over a long period of time that causes these problems. A single instance of exposure to a more dangerous chemical may be immediately life-threatening, but you can potentially recover and regain your full health. 

Repeated inhalation of even incredibly innocuous chemicals like household cleaning supplies can cause lasting damage not only to your lungs but to your circulatory system as a whole. Remember, your lungs supply your blood with oxygen. Once harmful chemicals enter your blood, they can cause harm to more than just your lungs.

You wouldn’t walk out in public without a mask on, because you risk exposing yourself to harmful pathogens. So why would you apply chemical cleaning agents without concern for how they could impact your health? Know the facts, assess the risk, and look for healthier less harmful alternatives to those chemicals you are exposed to on a daily basis.

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