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Cleaning Protocols will be Part of the New Normal

Sanitation tools for COVID-19

There is no question; the world is a different place now than it was at the beginning of 2020. Businesses everywhere have signs placed, refusing service without masks and the floors lined with tape, insisting on social distancing. Just a few months ago, nearly every industry closed its doors entirely to protect us from the COVID-19 pandemic. In the years to come, sanitation and disinfection expectations will be higher. They have to be. These new standards are not just for the sake of your business, but also public health. 

We must adopt a new rule to protect our businesses and our communities. Throughout this pandemic, there have been groundbreaking discoveries when it comes to sanitation and disinfection solutions. There are alternatives to the typical harmful cleaners that are used regularly without a second thought. For instance, Electro – Biocide is a non-toxic, allergen safe, and environmentally friendly disinfectant that is changing the standard of cleaning solutions. All the while, carrying a 99.9999% effective rate against viruses, fungi, and bacteria. Green Earth Commercial Sanitation is creating a groundbreaking standard of sanitation and public health with its new line of products.

As more businesses reopen and restrictions lifted, people are eager to get outside and enjoy the summer weather. This eagerness could lead to being lax with sanitation standards as they return to their ‘old normal.’ We should all avoid falling into that trap by changing our rules for the future. You may ask yourself, what should I change? You may want to consider updating your company’s operating procedures or stocking up on sanitation supplies. These are vital decisions to be made when you are considering the health and safety of your employees, customers, or family.

Electro-Biocide delivers a safe and effective solution to answer all of your decontamination needs. If we’re going to adopt a new standard of sanitation for our safety, then we’re going to need not only new policies and procedures but also a new disinfectant. Many people are responding to the pandemic with the overuse of traditional cleaning products. Some of these products have been proven harmful to your health and could be harboring toxic chemicals that can lead to long term health problems. Green Earth Commercial Sanitation provides solutions with Electro-Biocide disinfectant as it not only wipes away stubborn pathogens, it is safe to use. The EPA rates it at the toxicity level IV, the same as standard tap water.

Modern Expectations

The results of the COVID-19 pandemic will likely make it’s way across the world for a year or longer. It is unlikely that this will blow over in the next few months. The expectations of the general population for safety and sanitation standards in commercial industries will be higher, and employees will expect the companies they work for to take extra precautions to protect them. 

No one wants to get sick, and everyone needs to do their part to keep their loved ones, staff, and their customers safe. Our communities have shown they are willing to step up their standards of personal sanitation, and businesses will need to follow suit.

The reality is, a simple wipe down of a countertop and railings will no longer be sufficient when ensuring protection from the spread of not just the coronavirus, but many other harmful contaminants. It may seem that things will go “back to normal” soon, but this may be a far fetched thought. People are looking to become educated now more than ever about the risks that illnesses carry, and how we can overcome this with the proper cleaning solutions and techniques. 

Stay ahead of the curve to not only protect your business but to show your customers you genuinely care about their well being.

Act Fast

Businesses and government offices are reopening across the country, and many communities are attempting to return to the ‘normal’ we once knew. If you are planning to reopen, you must prepare with a plan and the right supplies in order to operate your business safely. Having the proper disinfectant for the job is the first step in creating a safe, effective, and fast solution for your sanitation needs. 

The right tool for modern demands is Electro-Biocide, no other cleaning agent works better, faster, and can claim to be safer for general use. If you are aiming to get your business open tomorrow, then act today and do your part to raise the bar on public safety.

To learn more about our sanitation services or disinfectant product information, please contact us at 970-815-1000 or info@greenearthcolorado.com. Green Earth Commercial Sanitation makes people and the environment a priority!